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Showcase your musical journey with a single link

Turn up the volume on your music career with Pushbio. Use a single bio link to create a dynamic landing page that directs fans to your latest tracks, music videos, concert tickets, and more.
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In 3 easy steps


Create your pushbio account in minutes

Begin by easily setting up your Pushbio account. The process is quick and user-friendly, ensuring you can start enhancing your digital presence without any hassle. In just a few minutes, you'll be ready to unlock a world of possibilities for your music career.

Embed your social links and track

Once your account is active, effortlessly integrate your social media profiles and music tracks. Pushbio allows you to embed links from popular platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube, ensuring your fans have direct access to all your creative content in one place.

Add your link to your social media bios

The final step is to place your Pushbio link in the bio sections of your social media profiles. This simple action bridges your fans directly to a centralized hub of your music, upcoming events, and more, enhancing your engagement and reach across platforms.

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Consolidate all your content in one place.

Pushbio simplifies your online presence by consolidating all your digital content into one centralized location. From your latest tracks and music videos to your social media feeds, everything is accessible in one click.

This integration ensures that your fans can easily find and enjoy all your creative work without the need to navigate multiple sites or platforms.

Easily direct fans to your latest songs or album

With Pushbio, updating your fans about new music releases becomes effortless. Just add links to your latest songs or albums on your Pushbio page, and your fans will have immediate access.

This feature is especially handy for promoting new releases, ensuring your audience always stays in tune with your latest work.

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Easily link to your latest events and ticket sales

Easily link to your latest events and ticket sales

Promoting concerts, tours, or any music events is more straightforward with Pushbio. You can directly link your Pushbio page to event information and ticket sales platforms.

This not only increases the visibility of your events but also simplifies the ticket-buying process for your fans, potentially boosting attendance.

Direct fans to your online merch store or exclusive content

Pushbio makes it easy to connect your fans with your merch store or exclusive content.

Whether you're selling band t-shirts, signed albums, or offering special content to your loyal fans, Pushbio serves as the perfect bridge between your merchandise and your audience, enhancing your merchandising efforts.

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Easily gather fan contacts for latest updates

Build a direct line of communication with your audience using Pushbio’s contact collection feature.

This allows you to gather email addresses and contact details of your fans, enabling you to send personalized updates about your music, events, or exclusive offers, fostering a closer connection with your fanbase.

Understand which content is most engaging to your audience

Pushbio's analytics feature provides invaluable insights into what content resonates most with your audience. By tracking engagement and click-through rates, you can tailor your future content to align with your fans' interests, ensuring your music and offerings continually evolve to meet the preferences of your audience.
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Simplifying your online musical footprint

Pushbio is a feature-rich tool that goes beyond just a standard bio link.

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Instant access to your page with a scan

Enhance the ease of connecting with your audience through Pushbio’s QR code feature. Fans can instantly access your Pushbio page by simply scanning a QR code, which you can integrate into your promotional materials, concert flyers, or merchandise.

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Plan and schedule your content releases

Stay ahead in your content strategy with Pushbio’s scheduling feature. This tool allows you to plan and schedule the release of your new music, updates, or any content ahead of time. This ensures a consistent and timely connection with your audience.

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Control who sees what on your page

Pushbio gives you the power to control the visibility of your content. This feature allows you to selectively share certain content with specific audience segments, like exclusive releases for loyal fans or special announcements for industry professionals.

What people are saying about us

Pushbio has been a game-changer for me. As someone who produces a wide variety of content across different platforms, it's been invaluable to have one link that leads my followers to everything I create. The customization options also mean that my bio link page feels uniquely 'me'. Highly recommended!
Content Creator
In the world of social media, engagement is everything. Pushbio has given me the power to guide my followers exactly where I want them to go, from my latest posts to brand collaborations. It's sleek, professional, and has upped my Instagram game.
Social Media Influencer
As a vlogger, I'm constantly sharing updates, behind-the-scenes peeks, and special content with my subscribers. Pushbio allows me to direct my Instagram followers straight to my YouTube channel, Patreon, merchandise, and more. It's been a fantastic tool for increasing my cross-platform engagement.
In content marketing, distribution and analytics are key. Pushbio not only lets us share all our content assets under one link but also provides insightful metrics. This helps us understand our audience's behavior better and optimize our content strategy. It's an essential tool in our digital marketing toolkit.
Content Marketer

Frequently asked questions

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What is a good bio for a musician?

A good bio for a musician should succinctly capture their artistic identity, background, and accomplishments. It should include key information like musical influences, notable achievements, and any unique aspects of their music or career. The bio should be engaging, reflecting the musician’s personality and style, and aimed at intriguing and connecting with the audience.

How many words should a musician bio be?

The ideal length for a musician bio is typically between 100-250 words. It should be long enough to convey essential information and personality, but concise enough to maintain the reader’s interest. For platforms like social media, a shorter bio (around 50-100 words) is more effective due to space limitations.

How do I make a Link tree for music?

To make a Link tree for music, sign up for a Pushbio account and customize your Pushbio page by adding links to your music, social profiles, upcoming events, and any other relevant content. You can personalize the design to match your brand and update it regularly with new releases or important updates.

Is Pushbio good for music?

Yes, Pushbio is an excellent tool for musicians. It provides a centralized platform for all your content, including music tracks, social media, upcoming events, and merchandise. Its features like QR code access, content scheduling, and analytics make it a powerful tool for managing your online presence and engaging with your audience.

Can I track fan engagement with Pushbio?

Yes, Pushbio offers analytics features that allow you to track fan engagement. You can see which of your links are getting the most clicks, understand your audience’s preferences, and use these insights to tailor your content and strategy more effectively.

How does Pushbio handle content privacy?

Pushbio gives you control over content visibility. You can choose to make certain links or content visible only to specific groups of your audience, such as exclusive content for subscribers or early access for your most loyal fans. This feature is useful for managing privacy and creating targeted, personalized experiences for different segments of your audience.


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