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October 28, 2023 2024-01-24 14:04

A single link isn't enough for your X bio

X (formerly Twitter) allows only one bio link, limiting your ability to promote multiple pieces of content, offers, or platforms. Pushbio transforms your single X bio link into a gateway to all your content, promotions, and platforms making it seamless for your followers to explore and engage with everything you offer.
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#1 Link in bio for X tool

Don't limit your X bio to just one link.
Guide your followers to multiple destinations with a single click.

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In 3 easy steps


Register for a free account on Pushbio

Dive into the world of limitless linking possibilities by signing up for a free account on Pushbio. With a simple and user-friendly registration process, you're just moments away from transforming your X (formerly Twitter) bio link experience.

Curate and organize your content

With Pushbio's intuitive dashboard, bring together all your vital content, from blog posts to product promotions. Arrange them in a way that aligns with your brand's narrative and ensures your audience gets a holistic view of what you offer.

Replace your single X bio link with your Pushbio link

Once you've set up your Pushbio page, replace the conventional X (Twitter) bio link with your new Pushbio link. This single change opens up a world where followers can seamlessly access all your content, promotions, and platforms with just one click.

The only link in bio loved by content creators   influencers   brands celebrities politicians Journalists Educators NGOs tech enthusiasts comedians athletes on X

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everything about you in one link

Showcase multiple products, blogs, videos, and more in one place.

Why restrict yourself to just one link when you can have so much more?

Pushbio allows you to create a content-rich landing page that showcases your diverse offerings. From your latest blog posts and tutorial videos to your newest product releases, everything can be accessed from a single, centralized location.


Easily direct your followers to your other social media profiles.

Expand your social media presence by linking your other platforms directly from your Pushbio page. Facilitate cross-platform discovery and grow your follower base across all your channels with ease.
All Social Presence
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Ease of use and custom domain

Personalize your bio link to match your brand.

Tailor your Pushbio landing page to reflect your brand's aesthetic and messaging. Customize colors, fonts, and layout to create a cohesive and brand-consistent experience for your followers.

Experience a mobile-friendly page that provides a consistent user experience across all devices, and further personalize your link by adding and redirecting to your own domain name.

Turn your followers to leads

Capture and manage leads through your bio link.

Utilize Pushbio's integration capabilities to connect with lead capture tools or email marketing services. Gather valuable contact information directly through your bio link and nurture these leads into loyal customers.
collect leads
Performance insight
Analytics Dashboard

Track visitor engagement, link clicks, and more to refine your strategies.

Gain insights into your audience's behaviors with Pushbio's analytics features. Track link clicks, visitor engagement, and other vital metrics. Use this data to optimize your content and strategies for even better results.
Monetization Opportunities

Direct followers to sponsored content, affiliate links, or your own products.

Monetize your online presence by guiding followers to sponsored posts, affiliate offerings, or your own merchandise. Pushbio makes it simple to manage and promote various income streams from one hub.
Sell products and services on your biolink

Maximize your X impact with one powerful link

Pushbio offers an array of advanced features that elevate it above a typical bio link tool.
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QR Code

You can easily generate a unique QR code for your X bio link. When scanned, it instantly redirects to your bio page. This is beneficial for offline events, or storefronts, allowing attendees or customers to quickly access digital content, promotions, or portfolios without manually entering a web address.

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Link Scheduling

Whether it's a time-sensitive promotion, a product launch, or content that's relevant for a particular event or season, you can set your links to go live at the right moment. You can set start and end times for specific links, ensuring that your audience always sees the most timely and relevant content.

Content privacy male

Content Privacy

This feature empowers users to control access to specific content. Whether it's premium content behind a paywall, exclusive offers for a select group, or sensitive information meant for a private audience, you can set password protections or visibility restrictions.

What people are saying about us

Pushbio has been a game-changer for me. As someone who produces a wide variety of content across different platforms, it's been invaluable to have one link that leads my followers to everything I create. The customization options also mean that my bio link page feels uniquely 'me'. Highly recommended!
Content Creator
In the world of social media, engagement is everything. Pushbio has given me the power to guide my followers exactly where I want them to go, from my latest posts to brand collaborations. It's sleek, professional, and has upped my Instagram game.
Social Media Influencer
As a vlogger, I'm constantly sharing updates, behind-the-scenes peeks, and special content with my subscribers. Pushbio allows me to direct my Instagram followers straight to my YouTube channel, Patreon, merchandise, and more. It's been a fantastic tool for increasing my cross-platform engagement.
In content marketing, distribution and analytics are key. Pushbio not only lets us share all our content assets under one link but also provides insightful metrics. This helps us understand our audience's behavior better and optimize our content strategy. It's an essential tool in our digital marketing toolkit.
Content Marketer

Frequently asked questions

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Where is the bio link on Twitter?
The bio link on Twitter is located in your profile section, right below your bio description. It’s typically represented as a clickable URL, and it’s the only place on Twitter where you can place a direct link, making it a valuable space for content creators and brands.
How do I add my bio link to Twitter?
To add or change your bio link on Twitter, go to your profile and click on the ‘Edit Profile’ button. In the ‘Website’ field, you can paste or type in the desired URL. Once you’ve added the link, click ‘Save’ to update your profile with the new bio link.
Can I change my bio link on Twitter frequently?
Yes, you can change your bio link on Twitter as often as you like. However, using tools like Pushbio allows you to keep one consistent URL in your Twitter bio while updating and changing the content it leads to without needing to change the link itself.
How can Pushbio help if I have multiple links to share on Twitter?
Pushbio lets you consolidate multiple links into a single, organized landing page. Instead of constantly changing the bio link on Twitter, you can use your Pushbio link, which directs followers to a page where they can access all your content, products, or other platforms.
Can I track how many people click on my bio link from Twitter?

Absolutely! With Pushbio’s analytics feature, you can monitor the number of clicks your bio link receives, providing insights into how your audience on Twitter is engaging with your content. This data can help refine your strategies and optimize link performance.

How does Pushbio compare to other bio link tools available?

Pushbio stands out by offering a user-friendly interface, advanced features like QR Code generation and Link Scheduling, and robust customization options to align with your brand. Plus, with integrated analytics, users can gain deeper insights into their audience’s behaviors, making it a comprehensive solution for those looking to maximize the potential of their Twitter bio link.


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