When it comes to online content creation, tools like VidIQ have emerged as game-changers for YouTube creators. VidIQ is a comprehensive video marketing platform designed to assist content creators, marketers, and businesses in optimizing their presence on YouTube.

This tool offers tools and analytics to enhance video visibility, understand audience behavior, and maximize channel growth.

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Yet, amidst the buzz and promise of enhanced visibility and growth, questions linger: Is VidIQ real or fake? Does it deliver on its tantalizing offerings, or is it merely another digital facade?

In this article, I will unveil the reality behind this powerful platform that is crucial for creators navigating the competitive YouTube space.

What is VidIQ?

In the simplest of terms, VidIQ helps people who make videos, market stuff, or run businesses to be better on YouTube. It gives them many tools and numbers that help videos get seen more, understand what viewers like, and grow their YouTube channel.

VidIQ provides insights into keywords, trends, and competitor analysis, enabling users to optimize video content for better reach and engagement. Its features include SEO guidance, thumbnail optimization, analytics, and tools for audience engagement, making it a valuable asset for YouTube content strategy and success.

The VidIQ extension is a powerful tool for YouTube creators striving to expand their channels. This extension tool ranks high among YouTube SEO tools, offering valuable insights that bring clarity to a creator’s performance. With VidIQ, YouTubers gain a clear view of their channel’s performance, opening doors to learning opportunities and growth.

Is VidIQ real or fake?

VidIQ is indeed a real and legitimate tool for YouTube creators. While some may question its efficacy or legitimacy, VidIQ is a reputable platform many successful YouTubers use to enhance their video strategies and grow their channels.

Previously, VidIQ was grouped under the “Software” category on YouTube. However, a 2021 update to YouTube’s service directory caused the removal of this entire section. Consequently, neither VidIQ nor its competitors are publicly listed on YouTube’s website anymore. Despite this change, VidIQ claims to collaborate with over 600,000 authorized YouTube channels, showcasing its popularity and credibility as a tool for creators.

Additionally, VidIQ has a strong online reputation with positive client reviews. On Trustpilot, the tool has gathered 758 reviews at the time of writing. It boasts an impressive rating of 4.7 stars out of 5, with 83% of users giving it a full 5-star rating.

How can VidIQ help my YouTube content?

For YouTube creators, several key VidIQ features can significantly enhance their channel’s growth potential. Some of these features include:

1. YouTube keyword research

Discovering the right keywords is key to unlocking your video’s visibility. VidIQ’s keyword research feature assists YouTube creators in identifying high-performing keywords relevant to their content. By understanding what users search for, creators can optimize their video titles, descriptions, and tags, increasing the likelihood of their videos being discovered.

2. Videos, subscriber, and competitor analysis

VidIQ provides a comprehensive analysis toolkit, allowing creators to delve into their video performance metrics, subscriber growth, and competitor insights. This feature helps creators understand what content resonates best with their audience, identify growth patterns, and gain valuable insights from competitors to refine their strategies.

3. VidIQ boost

VidIQ Boost acts as a catalyst for channel growth by offering enhanced insights and optimization tools. Creators can leverage advanced analytics and features to refine their content strategy, optimize video elements, and drive better engagement, ultimately propelling their channel’s growth trajectory.

4. Best-time-to-Post feature

Timing can significantly impact a video’s success. VidIQ’s Best-Time-to-Post feature analyzes audience behavior and suggests optimal posting times. By posting when their audience is most active, creators increase the chances of their videos gaining immediate traction and engagement.

5. Top playlists analysis

Understanding how playlists perform is vital for channel growth. VidIQ’s feature provides insights into the performance of playlists, enabling creators to assess which playlists resonate best with their audience. This knowledge helps in refining playlist strategies for increased views and engagement.

6. Embed URLs

The Embed URLs report offered by VidIQ allows creators to identify external sites generating views for their trending videos. This insight helps creators understand where their content is being shared or embedded, providing valuable information on external sources and contributing to video views and audience reach.

How to use VidIQ

Adjusting to VidIQ might take a little time, but navigating becomes a breeze once you’re familiar with it. Here’s a straightforward guide to kick-start your journey:

1. Connect VidIQ to your YouTube channel

Begin by linking the VidIQ to your channel. This step imports all your videos onto your dashboard, allowing you to organize columns based on views, likes, shares, or other criteria. This helps identify your most popular videos and gain insights into their performance.

2. Optimize your video

Select any video and modify its titles, tags, and descriptions. This optimization can boost views per hour and attract organic traffic to your landing pages. Utilize the “Stop campaign” icon for swift removal of campaign text.

3. Use the mass edit feature

For channels needing extensive adjustments, the Mass Edit option lets you edit multiple video descriptions simultaneously, streamlining the process efficiently.

4. Leverage the YouTube keyword tool

Explore the keyword inspector to discover top-ranking keywords relevant to your content. Implementing these keywords in your tags and videos can significantly increase channel growth.

5. Set trend alerts

Content creators focused on viral trends can benefit from Trend Alerts. Setting these alerts will give you timely notifications, allowing you to produce content aligned with your subscribers’ interests and stay ahead in the game.

Is VidIQ free?

VidIQ offers both free and paid versions. The free version provides some basic features, while the paid plans offer more advanced tools and functionalities for YouTube channel optimization and growth. VidIQ paid plans range from $10 to $99. Users can start with the free version and upgrade to a paid plan for additional features and benefits.

Is it safe to connect my YouTube channel to VidIQ?

Yes, it’s generally safe to connect your YouTube channel to VidIQ. VidIQ values users’ data and claims to adhere strictly to essential security protocols, guaranteeing the safety of its user’s information.

This tool is a legitimate tool used by many YouTubers to enhance their channel growth and optimization. According to VidIQ, they won’t delete or sell users’ content to others. Also, VidIQ claims not to break YouTube’s terms of service, which is important for users’ peace of mind.


VidIQ is a legitimate tool for YouTube creators, offering valuable features and insights for channel growth. The tool plays a pivotal role in revolutionizing video content creation, providing essential tools and analytics for optimizing performance and audience engagement. In terms of its safety and realness, VidIQ is real, and there are thousands of creators who testify to this.


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