Sellers are always on the lookout for platforms that can help them grow and make money at the same time. Depop is one such platform where style meets community and creativity thrives. This makes the value of followers extend beyond mere numbers to potential customers.

Depop followers are the heartbeat of your shop, the catalysts for visibility, and the cornerstone of a thriving seller’s journey. But how does one cultivate a genuine, engaged following in a platform bustling with individuality and style? What do you need to get followers on Depop organically?

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Create your own free link in bio page

Ready to simplify your online presence?
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In this guide, I’ll show you some tips that can help you get started with organic follower growth on Depop. This exploration of strategies bypasses the shortcuts and delves deep into the essence of community building.

18 Strategies to Grow Organic Followers on Depop

Every seller wants to grow their Depop following as fast as possible. While several shortcuts abound, revenue results can often be very poor. However, with the right strategies on how to get followers on Depop organically, you can see results that gradually translate into earnings.

If you are a Depop seller, here are some tips to help you out:

1. Maintain activity with listings

Having at least six to twelve items listed on your Depop is crucial. An active profile attracts more followers. People prefer accounts with stuff for sale, even just a few things. It gives off good vibes.

2. Avoid ‘Follow for Follow’

Don’t fall into the trap of following others just to get a follow back. It doesn’t work well on Depop. It might seem easy, but it makes you look like spam. Plus, it won’t necessarily bring in buyers.

3. Craft an irresistible profile

Your profile is your storefront. Create a catchy bio, share your story, and use keywords that describe what you sell. Make it personal and inviting to connect with potential followers.

4. Showcase quality imagery

Great photos grab attention! Use clear, well-lit pictures showcasing your items from different angles. Consistency in style and quality helps build a recognizable brand.

5. Leverage hashtags

Using all five hashtags for your post is a smart move. Make them relevant to what you’re selling. For instance, if it’s a vintage Harley shirt, use hashtags like #vintage and #Harley. Save one for #DepopFamous. That tag could land you on the Explore page and attract more followers and buyers.

6. Tag Depop

Mentioning ‘@teamdepop’ and ‘@teamdepopusa’ (or your country’s equivalent) increases your chances of getting featured on the explore page. This visibility brings in more eyes and potential followers.

7. Liking on the Explore page

Liking items on the Explore page daily, without commenting or buying, is a powerful trick. It’s like planting seeds; the more you like, the more followers you will gain.

8. Consistency is key

Consistency matters. Post regularly, but don’t rush it. Keep it steady, even if it’s just a few items per day or a couple every week. Followers appreciate seeing you active and committed.

9. Engage with new followers

When someone follows you, show some love back. A simple message thanking them for the follow can make a huge difference. It makes them feel valued and less likely to unfollow.

10. Tell stories with product descriptions

Don’t just describe items; tell stories. Explain the uniqueness, history, or how it fits into a lifestyle. Engaging descriptions captivate potential buyers and turn them into followers.

11. Engage with Your Audience

Respond promptly to comments and messages. Be friendly, helpful, and genuine. Building relationships creates trust and loyalty, turning buyers into loyal followers.

12. Collaborate with Others

Team up with fellow Depop sellers or influencers. Collaborations introduce your shop to new audiences, expanding your follower base organically.

13. Participate in Depop Events

Join challenges, campaigns, or themed events. Participation boosts visibility within the community and attracts followers interested in your participation.

14. Cross-Promote on Social Media

Extend your reach by sharing your Depop listings on other platforms. Engage with potential followers and drive traffic to your Depop shop.

15. Offer Incentives for Referrals

Encourage existing followers to refer friends with incentives like discounts or exclusive deals. Word-of-mouth referrals often bring in engaged followers.

16. Focus on Customer Service

Exceptional service creates happy customers who will likely become loyal followers and recommend your shop to others.

17. Analyze and Adapt Strategies

Regularly review your performance metrics. Identify what works and what needs tweaking. Adapt your strategies to resonate better with your audience.

18. Be Patient and Persistent

Organic growth on Depop takes time. Stay patient, stay persistent. Keep refining your strategies and engaging with your audience; the results will follow.


To get followers on Depop organically isn’t a quick-fix task. However, the reward is more than profit. By carefully utilizing the strategies above and fostering genuine connections through engagement and collaborations, you can build organic follower growth on Depop. While shortcuts might promise quick results, the true value lies in the authenticity of organic growth. Building a community of loyal followers fosters trust, longevity, and genuine relationships that extend far beyond mere numbers.


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