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…and influence it’s going to be because they’re going to engage with the content. So I’m always selling, hey, the ice cream campaign is perfect because my audience loves desserts, they love family fun, it was like a combo activity that worked really well for my audience. And so you’re selling your audience as you’re trying to get these jobs on the sponsor networks. And there are hundreds of them now. You figure out the ones that work for you because as you start to get a relationship, there’s one sponsor network that I know almost every single time I apply, I’m going to get it because I’ve done a great job for them. And some people set the bar really, really low, right? Because some people get the job and then don’t do the work. Like we’re still in this industry, like you said, where people are still… it has to be a business. There are deadlines, there are deliverables, there are campaign briefs you need to follow what they’re asking for. And some people just… yeah, don’t do it. They want that easy money.

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Create your own free link in bio page

Ready to simplify your online presence?
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And so I think that’s something that’s very important for listeners who are, you know, considering entering that world of the Creator, influencer, is that you have to love doing it. You really do. And it comes through when you see it. You know, I can see when I come across a certain personality or whether it’s fitness or anything else, especially business. I follow a lot of people in business, and you could tell within two seconds if what they’re promoting is BS, right? You know, even if I’m actually have some affinity to that particular product or service, but the person speaking, I’m like, I’m not buying it, okay? I’m just not buying it because you can see through them that they’re just… they’re just doing so many because it’s just about the money, right? Which it can’t be.

And we’re not all Shaq, right? Like Shaq is everywhere. You think about like Shaq, I always think of Shaq early on in like the advertising world, like gosh, Shaq was everywhere, you know, Michael Jordan, Magic, like these guys. But that’s totally different, you know, because they spent decades building their brand, their personal brand through sports. I mean, that’s not what most influencers or creators are. So if you’re promoting, and I see this often, I wonder what you think about this, to give our listeners this advice, what about competing brands? Because to me, when I’m thinking of specifically someone that I know who markets multiple nutritional products competing, and it just the messaging is everywhere.

So talk to me about that. So a lot of brands actually have something called exclusivity, which is in your contract that says that you cannot work with competitors within X number of days. So even in the travel space, the hotel we’re going to this weekend gave me a list of four hotels that we can’t work with within 30 days. So I like when a brand spells it out for you, right, and makes it very clear and puts it into the contract. I do think though, from a Creator perspective, you need to think about charging additional money for that because if you have an exclusivity clause, that means that you may lose out on other opportunities to work with brands. And so I always charge extra when someone has an exclusivity clause.

Now, what you’re talking about is more like the ethical piece of it. And I think that that really depends. So for me, and you and I talked about brand loyalty the other day, like Coke and Pepsi, like I’m not terribly brand loyal. I don’t really drink either one of them that much, but I’m not like the most brand loyal to those, and so I work with both of them. So I think it really depends on the person and what the product is. If they are competing products, there needs to be some space between it, and maybe there’s a different, like spin as to why. Like maybe this product you love because of XYZ reasons, and then this product you like in a different situation. You really need to, one, be totally honest. And like you said, people can smell when someone is lying, and authenticity is the most important part of this game. And when people are inauthentic, people come for them, right? I mean, and they come hard. It is not pretty.

You can’t just buy followers, right? Oh, well, that’s a whole another game. Yeah, you definitely do not want to buy followers. That’s right. That’s right. I can’t explain how long I’ve told people that. And to be honest, you know, look, I’ve had not only brands but even companies that I’ve had my hand in have someone on a marketing team or an agency buy followers without me knowing, and then me go look at it and go, why did you do that? Like, that is not how you… first of all, there’s no revenue that’s going to come out of that, number one. Number two, you’re not going to gain the algorithm. They know what you’re doing. They know the IP address. They know everything. So really pointless, and you accomplish nothing by doing that.

So I’m not going to go down this rabbit hole because we could do a whole episode, a whole podcast because it’s the opposite, yeah, and it’s the opposite of authenticity, right, Christy? So I’ve taken so many notes. I know our listeners here are probably like, oh my God, you gave us a master class on the really the foundation, not just the basics, but the foundation of building a business around being an influencer. So we so appreciate your time. Tell us how we can find you and the Happy Family Blog and where.

Of course. So like you said, across all social channels, we are Happy Family Blog. And then our website is I have a class on how to make money working with brands if anyone’s interested. And I’m working on a program of how to work with brands from a travel capacity. So, and some of that includes UGC creative, which is another revenue stream, which is where people are creating content for a brand directly that they’re never posting on their own channels. And UGC is a fabulous place for people to get started when they’re first starting in this industry because what you need to prove is that the content that you create is high quality. You don’t have to say that you have any influence on anyone. You don’t even have to have an audience. And so brands need that, especially travel brands need that because they need to have content. You know, you and I both know how difficult it is to create a content calendar because it is time-consuming. Yes. And so hotels and Airbnbs and resorts are willing to pay and also work in exchange for that. And so it’s a really fabulous opportunity. And there’s UGC opportunities across the board in all niches.

Well, once again, Christy, thank you so much for being on the podcast. I know our listeners are going to get

a lot out of this episode, and we’ll definitely, if you say yes, have you back at some point to give us some more like golden nuggets. These are like value bombs. I mean, I can’t stress enough how much value you’ve provided to our listeners here. So thank you so much.

Of course, I’m always happy to be with you. Thank you.

You’re welcome. And for our listeners, you know, keep listening, subscribe, review, give us reviews, of course. You know, that’s how this ecosystem works. And keep pushing forward with your content.


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