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Hey everyone, welcome back to the Push Forward podcast. 

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I’m your host, Alex, and today we are going to talk about mindfulness. I know for you entrepreneurs, you creators out there, having some peace of mind to get through your days and weeks without all the stress and distractions is really hard to do. 

I know because I’m in that world, and I understand how difficult it is to run multiple businesses, be in a place where you are constantly creating a ton of valuable content. It requires so much creativity and thoughtfulness. 

You’re talking to dozens of people and different teams; you’re worried about the messaging, you’re worried about engagement, making sure that everyone on your team is following up with your clients in real time. You also don’t want to, you know, ruin your brand by aligning yourself with brands or creators or opportunities.

You know, so think about sometimes you get an opportunity where a sponsor will reach out to you, and you creators know this, where they’ll reach out to you and say, “Hey, we have an opportunity for you to work with this product or service, and we’re going to pay you X for you to do Y.” It’s easy sometimes to, in the moment, say, “Oh sure, let’s go,” because it’s money. But you have to be thoughtful, and to be thoughtful, I think one of the things that you can do is to practice mindfulness.

Practicing mindfulness for the busy entrepreneur, Creator, will help you stay creative, will help you stay healthy, and so to me, it’s really important to do that. And there are times, different seasons of my life, where I find it more difficult than others. 

So let’s define mindfulness. Mindfulness is the practice of being fully present and engaged in every moment, aware of all your thoughts, feelings, sensations without judgment or distraction. It’s a mental state achieved through techniques such as meditation, breathing exercises, or simply paying close attention to the present experience. 

So for me, I break those up into different areas throughout my day. I have the time where I’m doing meditation, other times where I may be doing breathing exercises. But ultimately, it’s being there, here in the moment. So every time I’m talking to a staff member, someone on my team, if I’m talking to anyone in my family, my kids, my wife, a neighbor, my mom, really anyone, your clients, you make an immense effort to really be there in the moment and without judgment because I feel like this is something that we all naturally do. 

I can only speak for myself, but I know there are studies to show that when you’re in the moment and listening to someone, and you’re already thinking about what your response is going to be, you’re really not being mindful.

And so for creators, because in the world of entrepreneurship or being an influencer, anyone who’s creating anything, it’s really difficult because you’ve got so many things coming at you all day long, right? And there are different people asking different things of you. 

Obviously, this is a position that you chose to be in, so that is a good thing. But you know, the best work comes when you are at your best, both physically and mentally. You make the best decisions then. And so this is why I want to stress the importance of mindfulness at its highest level. 

This is not something I learned overnight; it was something that it took me many years to really buy into it because I thought, “Hey, I just get things done; that’s how I work.” But it’s not really about that. And as I get older, and work with different people that I’ve met throughout my life, I’ve felt like, “Wow, I can’t believe I spent so much time doing it this way when boy, there was a shorter, not even a shortcut, but just a better way of doing it.”


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