YouTube offers creators a platform to showcase their talents, share knowledge, and entertain audiences worldwide. For years, aspiring creators and curious viewers have been fascinated by the promise of earning money on YouTube. For many creators, pursuing subscriber milestones, especially reaching 1 million loyal fans, symbolizes a significant achievement.

However, is there more to the subscriber numbers? Does YouTube pay for 1 million subscribers? or more specifically, how much does YouTube pay for 1 Million subscribers? Figuring out how much YouTube gives for reaching 1 million subscribers is like solving a puzzle.

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While this piece provides an answer, I’ll also give creators useful tips for estimating how much they can earn from this huge following.

Does YouTube pay for 1 million subscribers?

While having a million subscribers is a significant milestone, YouTube doesn’t directly pay creators based on subscriber count. Earnings are primarily generated through various streams such as ad revenue, sponsorships, merchandise sales, and other monetization avenues.

That said, the earnings from YouTube for a creator with over 1 million subscribers can vary significantly due to multiple factors such as engagement and monetization techniques. Take, for instance, the approximate income from ads for a channel with 1 million subscribers. For a rough estimate, some creators suggest that a channel with a million subscribers might earn anywhere from a few thousand to tens of thousands per month from ad revenue alone.

How much can I earn from 1 million YouTube subscribers?

YouTubers with a million subscribers can earn anywhere from $1,000 to $18,000 for a million views per month from ads. Typically, YouTube creators with ad monetization can expect between $1 and $18 for every thousand views.

If you consistently create good content and your subscribers watch your videos, you could increase this by other monetization techniques. Brand deals, paid sponsorship contracts, YouTube shopping, and merchandise sales have the potential to rake in more money for YouTubers with over a million subscribers.

A combination of monetization techniques can see you turn your million subscribers into earnings of anywhere between $5,000 and $60,000 monthly.

Will having a million subscribers improve my YouTube earnings?

Having a million subscribers can be advantageous, but it does not guarantee high earnings. A million subscribers on YouTube can potentially improve your earnings, but it’s not the sole factor determining your income. The subscriber count is a significant metric, and reaching a million subscribers often signifies a substantial audience base that can positively impact your channel’s earnings in several ways.

7 Ways a million subscribers can improve your YouTube earnings

While subscriber count isn’t the sole determinant of your YouTube earnings, it can still play an important role in getting you to earn that amount you so desire. Here are a few ways you can benefit from having a million subscribers on YouTube in terms of earnings:

1. Expanded Ad revenue opportunities

Having a million subscribers broadens your ad revenue potential on YouTube. With a larger audience, more views accrue, increasing the likelihood of ad impressions. Advertisers often favor channels with extensive reach, leading to higher CPM rates. This uptick in ad revenue stems from increased viewership, allowing more ads to be displayed and boosting your overall earnings.

2. Enhanced brand partnerships

A substantial subscriber base attracts brands seeking partnerships. Companies are more inclined to collaborate with creators boasting a million subscribers due to the extensive audience reach. This opens doors for lucrative sponsorships and branded content opportunities, providing an additional income stream beyond ad revenue.

3. Diversified monetization avenues

A sizable subscriber base allows for diversified income streams beyond ad earnings. Merchandise sales, memberships, or exclusive content offerings for subscribers become more viable. This diversification helps cushion fluctuations in ad revenue and broadens your revenue sources.

4. Increased video discoverability

With a million subscribers, your videos are more likely to reach a wider audience. Higher subscriber counts mean your videos are available to many viewers. This increases video visibility in suggested and recommended sections, amplifying your overall views and earnings.

5. Improved negotiating power

A substantial subscriber count grants leverage when negotiating terms with brands and sponsors. Creators with a million subscribers hold more bargaining power, allowing for better deals and higher compensation for partnerships and collaborations.

6. Elevated community support

A larger subscriber base fosters a robust community around your channel. This community often supports creators through memberships, donations, or crowdfunding platforms, contributing to your earnings beyond traditional revenue streams.

7. Potential for higher CPM rates

Channels with a million subscribers might experience increased CPM rates. Advertisers might pay more to reach a larger and more engaged audience, resulting in higher revenue per thousand views, directly impacting your earnings positively.

5 Sure ways to organically get 1 million YouTube subscribers

Getting to a million subscribers on YouTube is no easy feat. Creators there would tell you it involved tremendous work. However, with a little bit of help, it’s achievable. Here are a few tips to help you get to the million subscriber mark in no time:

1. Consistent quality content

Consistency is key on YouTube. Regularly upload high-quality videos that resonate with your audience. Engaging content keeps viewers returning for more. Create and stick to a content schedule, delivering value and maintaining interest to retain and attract subscribers. Provide unique content that stands out in your niche. Offer something valuable and different that viewers can’t find elsewhere. Being innovative and offering fresh perspectives can attract subscribers seeking fresh and engaging content

2. Get on the Trending page

Getting your videos featured on YouTube’s Trending page can expose your content to a massive audience, potentially attracting a surge in views and subscribers. To increase the chances of trending, focus on creating timely, high-quality content that aligns with current trends and events. Encourage viewer interaction through likes, comments, and shares, as engagement often plays a role in Trending page selection.

3. Feature on the homepage

Being featured on YouTube’s homepage gives your channel and videos high visibility to millions of users. To increase the likelihood of homepage placement, maintain a consistent upload schedule with captivating content. Focus on viewer retention metrics like watch time and session duration, as YouTube tends to promote videos that keep users engaged on the platform. Participating in viral challenges can also attract YouTube’s algorithm, potentially landing your content on the homepage.

4. Collaborations and cross-promotions

Partner with other creators or brands in your niche. Collaborations introduce your channel to new audiences, expanding your reach. Cross-promotions leverage shared audiences, encouraging subscribers to explore and potentially subscribe to your content.

5. Optimize video SEO and titles

Optimize your video titles, descriptions, and tags using relevant keywords. This helps your videos appear in search results and recommendations, increasing visibility and attracting potential subscribers interested in your content.


Whether you have a million subscribers or not, YouTube does not pay for the number of subscribers. However, with a million followers, you significantly improve your chances of earning a decent monthly amount. Various factors beyond subscriber count influence YouTube earnings. A creator’s income is multifaceted and depends on engagement, content quality, and diversified monetization strategies.


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