Have you ever wondered if there’s a way to keep track of the Instagram profiles you’ve visited? And if you’ve ever pondered how to see profiles I visited on Instagram, you are in the right place. Whether it’s out of curiosity, a desire to reconnect, or simply to recall someone’s content, we’ve all been there.

Instagram is a world of visual stories and connections, and sometimes you might want to revisit a profile without the awkwardness of searching through your head to remember their profile handle. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the different methods to uncover the profiles you’ve recently visited on Instagram.

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3 Ways to see profiles I visited on Instagram

Instagram does not offer a direct way to view a record of the profiles you’ve clicked on. However, there are alternative approaches you can explore to gain insight into your recent profile visits. Let’s delve into these workarounds that can shed light on your Instagram profile interactions:

1. Using the Recent Searches method

A clever workaround involves using the search bar provided by Instagram. The platform keeps a record of all your recent search histories. This history acts like a helpful map, guiding you to the profiles and hashtags you’ve searched for before. And by taking a look at your recent searches, you might spot the profiles you’ve clicked on.

While it might not capture every single profile you’ve visited, it’s a handy tool to rediscover some of those intriguing accounts you’ve explored on the platform. Whether you’re using a computer or a mobile device, here’s how you can use it to see the profiles you’ve visited on Instagram without a hassle:

On a computer

  • Open Instagram on your computer and enter your login details;
  • Locate the search bar positioned on the left-side menu bar and click on it;

how to see Instagram profile I visited on computer

  • Simply click inside the search box (no need to type anything) and wait for a dropdown menu to appear;
  • A list of your recent searches on the main search bar will emerge;

seeing the profiles you visited on Instagram from your computer

  • If you spot any usernames in the list, those are the profiles you’ve explored;

On mobile (iPhone or Android)

  • Launch the Instagram mobile app;
  • Look for the magnifying glass icon, located next to the home button in the bottom menu;

how to see Instagram profile I visited on Phone

  • Tap on the magnifying glass icon to access the search bar;

Instagram Explore page

  • Press inside the search bar and the list of your recent searches will unfold before you;
  • Even the profiles you’ve searched for on the web version of Instagram will appear here as long as you made those searches using the app’s search bar;

Instagram Recent Searches

  • Click on any of the profile handles displayed to visit the page.

You can revisit the profiles that have caught your attention in just a few clicks or taps.

Alternatively, another method is to discover your recent searches on the Instagram mobile app. Follow these easy steps:

  • Open the Instagram app on your mobile device;
  • Tap on the “Profile Picture” icon, usually located at the bottom menu;

how to see Instagram profile I visited on Phone

  • Once you’re on your profile page, locate the hamburger menu icon (looks like three horizontal lines) and give it a tap;

how to see Instagram profile I visited on Phone

  • From the menu, select “Your Activity”;

Instagram's "Your Activity" section

  • Now, swipe upward on the screen and spot the “Recent Searches” option;

Recent Search on Instagram

  • Give it a tap, and you’ll find yourself on the “Search History” page;

how to see Instagram profile I visited on Phone

  • Take a moment to scan the list; you will spot the Instagram profiles you’ve visited.

2. Using the Liked Posts method

For users who still wonder about how to see profiles I visited on Instagram, here is another method to discover just that. It’s as simple as following the trail of the posts you’ve liked. Each time you give a post a “like,” Instagram takes note and stores a record of your action. This means that by perusing your recent “liked” posts, you might just spot the profiles you’ve paid a visit to:

  • Launch the Instagram app and login into your account;
  • Locate and click on the hamburger icon (the three horizontal lines) positioned at the upper-right corner of the screen;

how to see Instagram profile I visited on Phone

  • Tap on “Your Activity” from the menu displayed;

Instagram's "Your Activity" section

  • Within the “Interactions” section, tap on “Likes.”

Likes on Instagram

Now, a collection of all the posts you’ve liked will appear before you. Feel free to scroll through these liked posts as you will stumble upon the profiles you’ve interacted with on Instagram.

3. Using the Saved Posts method

The saved posts section of Instagram acts as your digital collection and can assist in answering your question about the profiles you’ve visited. When you save a post on IG, the profile that posted the content is also saved along with the post. This means scrolling through your saved items can guide you to the profiles that have caught your attention before:

  • Launch the Instagram app to get started;
  • Spot the profile icon located at the bottom right of the screen and give it a tap;
  • Next, locate the three-line icon positioned at the top right corner;
  • From the menu that appears, select the “Saved” option;

Saved folder on Instagram

  • All the posts you’ve saved will appear on the screen;

how to see Instagram profile I visited on phone

  • Additionally, if you’re particularly interested in exploring the reels you’ve saved, simply tap on the Reel icon;
  • Now, it’s time to leisurely scroll through your saved items, revealing a list of the profiles you’ve visited.

Alternatively, If you’re using Instagram on your computer, here’s how to effortlessly dive into your saved items and rediscover those profiles:

  • Locate the menu bar and click on the More icon;

how to see Instagram profile I visited on computer


  • Choose the “Saved” option from the menu that appears;

how to see Instagram profile I visited on computer

  • You’ll be taken to your profile page’s dedicated “Saved” section;

how to see Instagram profile I visited on computer

Now, you’ll find yourself in the realm of your “Saved” section, nestled within your profile page. If you’ve organized your saved items into collections, simply click on the respective collection. If you haven’t organized them, select the “All Posts” album.

Can I see other people’s profile visits on Instagram?

No, you cannot see other users’ profile visits on Instagram. Instagram’s privacy settings and policies ensure that users’ search history, profiles visited, and other interactions remain private and inaccessible to other users. The information about someone else’s activities on Instagram is not visible to anyone except the account holder.

However, If someone were to gain access to your phone and enter your Instagram account, they could peek at your search history, revealing the profiles you’ve visited or the videos you’ve enjoyed and saved.


While there is no direct method of seeing the profiles you’ve visited on Instagram, these alternative methods offer insights. These methods ensure that your interactions and those of others remain confidential within their respective accounts. So, whether it’s out of curiosity or a desire to reminisce, remember that while “how to see profiles I visited on Instagram” might have piqued your interest, embracing these techniques should always align with ethical and privacy-aware practices.


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