Do you remember the days of endless message forwarding and phone number juggling just to pass information to multiple individuals on WhatsApp? Thanks to the WhatsApp group feature, those chaotic moments of copy-pasting or tediously sending invitations are now a thing of the past.

With this, WhatsApp users can effortlessly share a single link to invite friends, colleagues, or community members to their exclusive group hangout or professional network. It’s the digital equivalent of a VIP pass, a streamlined gateway into your circle or forum, all wrapped up in a URL. But then, how do you create a WhatsApp group link?

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This piece is a step-by-step guide to crafting WhatsApp group links with ease.

How to create a WhatsApp group link

It is impossible to manually create a WhatsApp group link, unlike an individual Whatsapp profile link that can be created easily. Getting the WhatsApp group link involves a series of simple steps. WhatsApp creates a shareable link that interested participants can click to join your group instantly.

For Android and iOS devices

  • Open the WhatsApp group chat and tap on the group subject;
  • Alternatively, tap on ‘More options’ or the menu icon in the top corner, then choose ‘Group info.’
  • Select ‘Invite to group via link’
  • Select the desired action from the list; Send the link via WhatsApp, Share the link, Copy the link, or use the QR code;
  • Choose to send the link through WhatsApp or copy the link;
  • If sending via WhatsApp, find or pick contacts and hit ‘Send.’
  • To reset the link, tap on ‘Reset link’ > ‘Reset Link’.

For PC

  • Open WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp application on your computer;
  • If it’s your first time using WhatsApp on your computer, link it to your phone;
  • Choose the group you want to make a link for or make a new group from the Menu;
  • Tap Menu in the top corner and then click on Group info;
  • Click ‘Invite to group via the link.’
  • Your group’s link is under the group name. Choose what to do next:
    • Send the link using WhatsApp
    • Copy the link to share it elsewhere.

Making an invitation link for your WhatsApp group is simple and handy. Just by following the steps mentioned earlier, you can quickly invite people to join your group.

7 Benefits of sharing WhatsApp group link

WhatsApp group links serve as versatile tools for both businesses and individuals, offering these benefits:

1. Streamlined communication hub

WhatsApp group links serve as a centralized communication hub for businesses and individuals alike. They facilitate instant messaging, file sharing, and quick updates, enabling efficient and direct interaction among team members or community participants. This centralized platform streamlines communication, ensuring everyone stays informed and connected in real-time.

2. Seamless networking and collaboration

For businesses, WhatsApp group links foster networking and collaboration opportunities. They enable easy connection with clients, partners, or industry peers, allowing swift exchange of ideas, updates, and collaborative efforts. Individuals can leverage these links to join communities with shared interests, fostering meaningful connections and collaborations.

3. Enhanced customer engagement

Businesses benefit from WhatsApp group links to engage with customers more intimately. These links create exclusive customer groups where businesses can share personalized offers, provide customer support, and gather feedback directly. This direct engagement enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty, driving business growth.

4. Efficient event management

Whether for businesses organizing events or individuals planning gatherings, WhatsApp group links facilitate event management. They simplify RSVPs, share event details, and coordinate logistics effortlessly within a closed group, ensuring seamless coordination and participation.

5. Instant information dissemination

In urgent situations or for time-sensitive updates, WhatsApp group links offer swift information dissemination. Businesses can promptly share critical announcements, emergency alerts, or important news, ensuring everyone receives timely updates.

6. Supportive learning communities

WhatsApp group links provide access to supportive learning communities for individuals seeking knowledge or skill enhancement. These groups offer a platform for sharing resources, discussing topics of interest, and seeking advice or mentorship, fostering continuous learning and growth.

7. Niche marketing and feedback channels

Businesses can leverage WhatsApp group links for targeted marketing to specific customer segments. Creating specialized groups for product trials, beta testing, or exclusive offers allows for targeted marketing and invaluable feedback loops, enhancing product development and market strategies.


Knowing how to create WhatsApp group link involves simple steps that streamline connectivity and group management. They expedite the process, enhancing connectivity and facilitating smooth interactions among members. Moreover, resetting links adds a layer of security, ensuring that only intended members remain part of the group.


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