Twitter has been around for some time now, with loads of creators trooping to it to showcase their craft. These individuals, armed with unique talents, insights, and content, have garnered massive followings and influence on Twitter (now X). With such a platform, the need for monetization becomes essential as creators look to make more money from their efforts.

However, monetization on the platform has always been between individuals, with Twitter not rewarding users financially. With recent changes, many aspiring creators’ are now asking whether X (formerly Twitter) pays you as a creator. This article will provide answers to the popular question: Does Twitter pay you as a creator? We will also show you some of the ways to monetize your content on X.

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Does X pay you as a creator?

Yes, Twitter (now X) has since rolled out new monetization programs that allow it to pay qualified creators. The platform now splits ad money with creators. In addition to that, X has a new subscription option where you can share unique content for a price.

In the past, folks earned cash on Twitter by promoting products, doing reviews, getting paid for posts, and with Super Follows. To monetize your Twitter account, having a minimum of 500 active followers is necessary. This requirement is accompanied by meeting the program’s minimum criteria and adhering to community standards.

How to make money from Twitter Ads revenue share

Creators from every country worldwide can share in X ad revenue. However, only some get a piece of this pie, as creators still need to meet specific requirements before getting paid.

The platform looks at several criteria for ads, such as:

  • To qualify for the ads payout, you need either a Twitter Blue or X Premium subscription. Verified Organizations are also eligible.
  • Your posts must have garnered at least five million organic impressions in the last three months, including verified users.
  • Additionally, you must have a minimum of 500 followers.
  • Once eligible, creators are required to set up a Stripe account and connect it to their Twitter profile.
  • Adhere strictly to the ads’ revenue-sharing guidelines, monetization standards, and platform rules.

Once qualified, users need to apply for monetization. The application process is simple: eligible users can access the monetization section in the mobile app’s side menu. From there, they can sign up and link their payment processor to receive funds in their bank account. Users can choose to leave the monetization program whenever they wish.

How to make money from X subscriptions

Another way to earn money on X (formerly Twitter) is through subscriptions. The subscription feature lets users share unique content with paying followers.

Subscribers get perks like exclusive posts and access to ticketed spaces. X also added a separate subscription section on user profiles. This makes it easy for users to find exclusive posts and share their subscription links. To participate in X subscriptions, users need an X Premium or verified organization account.

Creators on X can choose their subscription fee. X mentioned that creators can keep around 97% of their subscription sales until they reach $50,000 in earnings. After hitting that mark, they can earn up to 90% of the revenue, minus in-app purchase fees.

To join X’s Subscription program, you need to meet these requirements:

Once you’re eligible for X Subscriptions, go to the monetization section in the side menu. Click on “Subscriptions” and set it up. Your earnings from subscriptions will vary based on the price you set and the number of subscribers you attract.

Other ways to make money on X (formerly Twitter)

Asides from the monetization offered directly by Twitter, Creators on the platform can leverage other means to make money. This offers content creators the chance to diversify their income source and improve on their returns from X.

Below are some of the most popular methods used to monetize X:

1. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing on Twitter involves promoting products or services and earning a commission for every sale made through your referral link. You can join affiliate programs of various companies and share affiliate links in your tweets. For example, if you’re passionate about fitness, you can promote workout equipment or supplements and earn money when your followers make purchases through your links.

2. Sponsored tweets

Sponsored Tweet is another way to make money bon Twitter with your followers
Image Source: Twitter

Companies pay influencers to tweet about their products or services to their followers. These sponsored tweets can include endorsements, reviews, or announcements. The payment varies and creators have to negotiate a fair deal depending on several factors as stipulated by both sides.

It’s essential to disclose sponsored content to comply with ethical guidelines and maintain transparency with your audience. Building a strong and engaged follower base is crucial for attracting sponsorship opportunities.

3. Crowdfunding campaigns

Use Twitter to promote crowdfunding campaigns for creative projects, charitable causes, or business ventures. Platforms like Kickstarter or GoFundMe can help you raise funds from your followers and the broader Twitter community. Share compelling stories, visuals, and updates to engage potential backers and encourage contributions.

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4. Sell digital products

You can create and sell digital products like e-books, online courses, or exclusive content directly to your Twitter followers. Use platforms like Gumroad or SendOwl to manage sales and delivery. Share teasers, testimonials, or free samples to entice your audience and showcase the value of your digital offerings.

5. Offer consultation services

If you have expertise in a specific field such as marketing, finance, or personal development, offer consultation services to your Twitter followers. Promote your services through tweets, share success stories or testimonials, and provide a clear way for interested individuals to contact you for consultations.

6. Promote freelance services

If you’re a freelancer offering services such as graphic design, writing, or social media management, promote your skills on Twitter. Share portfolio samples, client testimonials, and special offers to attract potential clients. Engage with industry hashtags and participate in relevant conversations to expand your reach.

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7. Sell merchandise

Merch sale
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Create and sell branded merchandise like T-shirts, mugs, or stickers to your Twitter followers. Use platforms like Teespring or Printful to design and fulfill orders. Promote your merchandise through visually appealing tweets, run limited-time promotions or giveaways, and leverage influencers or brand ambassadors for additional exposure.

Does Twitter pay you for views?

Twitter does not pay creators directly for views on their content, such as tweets or videos. The platform’s monetization model primarily focuses on other avenues, such as advertising partnerships and subscription-based features. Therefore, creators on Twitter typically do not earn money directly based on the number of views their content receives.

However, they can explore various monetization strategies, collaborations with brands, and engagement tactics to leverage their audience and generate income through alternative means on the platform.

Does Twitter pay you for viral tweets?

Twitter does not pay creators directly for viral tweets. However, creators who join the platform’s ad revenue share program have a chance of getting paid for their viral tweets. Regardless, if you join this program, your viral tweet must satisfy all the program’s requirements to get paid for it. 

Does X pay you for impressions?

Twitter does not pay all creators for impressions received by their tweets. However, creators under the ads revenue share program can get paid if they meet the requirements.

To qualify for ad payments, users need to accumulate a minimum of five million impressions over the last three months, which must originate from verified accounts. Even if you have a large following, only Twitter Blue or X Premium subscribers are considered.

How often does Twitter pay you?

X (formerly Twitter) adopts a net60 payment method to pay creators on its ads revenue and subscription programs. This means that a creator’s revenue share payment will be processed through the Payment Processor around 60 days after the end of the month when the revenue was generated.

For instance, payments for revenue earned in January will generally be processed within the first two weeks of March. Payments are usually sent out during the first two weeks of the following month. 


While X doesn’t directly pay creators for views, viral tweets, or impressions, they offer multiple monetization opportunities. Creators can benefit from ad revenue sharing, sponsored collaborations, subscription features, and other income streams available on these platforms. Creators need to understand the different ways they can monetize their content and leverage their audience and engagement to maximize their earning potential.


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