You may have noticed that some people use their Twitter bio to promote their blog posts or links to their Instagram accounts. Twitter is a great place to build community and encourage interaction with your brand. While many people may know how to add more than one social media link to Twitter bio, the most important question should be: can you put multiple links in your Twitter bio?

Yes, you can put multiple links on your Twitter bio. When you set up your Twitter profile, there are two sections for links, the website box, and the bio box. You can use both of these sections to add links to your profile page, but they don’t have to be the same links. You can even put different types of content on each one.

For example, if you have a website where people can buy products, you could put a link to this site in your website box and a call-to-action button such as “Shop Now” or “Learn More” in your bio box. If you want to include more information about yourself, try putting it right under your name instead of having it in the website box.

If you have more than one important link for people to find out about, like a blog or an online shop, then feel free to add those too.

How to Add More Than One Social Media Link to Twitter Bio

The Twitter bio is the first thing that people see when they visit your profile page. It’s also the only place on Twitter where you can add links to other websites, so it’s important to make yours as helpful and informative as possible.

Adding more than one social media link to your tweeter bio is as easy as entering normal text. Click on “edit profile” and simply enter the link addresses in the bio section. The problem with this is that social media links tend to be long, Sometimes too long to have as many as four of them in your bio. Remember it’s not the only thing you should have in your bio.

Add your email address. This is one of the most valuable parts of your profile because it allows people to reach out to you directly without having to go through social media or post a comment asking for a response. 

List your website or blog address if you have one or want readers to visit regularly. This is also an opportunity for branding purposes, if someone sees that you’re on Twitter but doesn’t have time right then, they may remember that they saw your website and check back later when they do have time.

One Biolink to Solve All Your Linking Problems

While Twitter only puts up space for one link intended for your website, plus another one you can put up on your bio, it is possible to have all the links you want on your bio. You can have one bio link that houses all the links you want if you create a pushbio account.

Pushbio is an all-inclusive bio-link tool that helps people make their relationships more discoverable. This flexible social media system offers an alternative that does not necessitate the use of a single URL. Twitter users can now list the most relevant links in their bio.

Individuals and businesses can employ thematic content to enhance their profile’s attractiveness, and analytics can disclose audience engagement for more informed decision-making. In essence, Pushbio improves conversions and profitability by connecting audiences with creators and their whole online portfolio.

Will Your Business Benefit from Using Twitter?

Twitter has enormous potential for generating leads and driving traffic to your company’s online properties. Did you know that more than 65.8% of businesses in the United States already use Twitter as a marketing tool? Every day, more businesses discover how to leverage Twitter’s potential for personalized, one-on-one interaction with their target audience.

Customer-to-business interactions on Twitter are extremely popular. Retweets are shared by 70% of SMB Twitter followers. Almost half of all Twitter users (49%) rely on tweets for recommendations, and 40% have made a purchase as a result of an influencer’s tweet.

In case you didn’t know, Twitter is an excellent medium for providing excellent customer service. Every month, large American airlines receive over 100,000 tweets from customers with concerns, complaints, and compliments. Giving customers a quick and helpful response increases your goodwill, which can lead to more purchases.

Twitter is an excellent platform for connecting with customers as well as promoting your blog, website, store, and other social media profiles to your followers. The problem remains with the limit on the number of links you can add to your profile.


Hopefully, you now know how to add more than one link to your Twitter bio. Remember, if you need to add more than two links or links of any type other than social media links, it’s very important to capitalize the ones that are most important to your brand. For everything else, try including them all in a single biolink.