Before now, the fashion realm often pushed unattainable beauty ideals. However, social media platforms such as Instagram have become vital stages for plus-sized models to flaunt their curves boldly, thereby changing the narrative.

Central to this movement are the influential plus size models who have redefined beauty standards and empowered millions with their confidence and style. Now, plus-size models are trooping out to showcase their talent, passion, and unique perspectives.

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In this piece, we unveil the elite league of 10 leading plus size Instagram models who defy conventional beauty norms, champion body positivity, and inspire women globally.

Top 10 plus size Instagram models

The plus-size category in women has always been overlooked; not anymore. These ladies are now coming out and competing with other body-sized ladies, and they are good at it.

Here is a list of the top 10 plus size models currently making wakes on Instagram:

1. Ashley Graham (@theashleygraham)

Ashley Graham
Image Source: Instagram

The iconic Ashley Graham is a trailblazing figure in plus-size fashion. She has graced Sports Illustrated covers multiple times, shattering barriers and radiating confidence with every appearance. With a massive Instagram following of over 20 million, Ashley’s advocacy for body positivity and self-acceptance has earned her prestigious spots on Vogue’s ’30 Under 30′ list and recognition as one of the ’25 Most Intriguing People.’

2. Ashley Alexiss (@ashalexiss)

Ashley Alexiss
Image Source: Instagram

Ashley Alexiss, with her radiant smile and captivating curves, stands as another influential plus-size model on Instagram. Her advocacy for body positivity shines through her empowering posts, encouraging self-love and inclusivity. As the founder of Alexiss Swimwear, she champions inclusivity with her USA-made, diverse swimwear line.

3. Precious Lee (@preciousleexoxo)

Precious Lee
Image Source: Instagram

Precious Lee, a groundbreaking Black plus-size model, has broken barriers by becoming the first Black curve model in American Vogue. Her collaborations with major fashion houses and advocacy for diversity highlight her significant impact on the fashion industry.

4. Iskra Lawrence (@iskra)

Iska Lawrence
Image Source: Instagram

Iskra Lawrence, a beloved British model and body positivity activist, boasts a massive Instagram following of over 5 million. Her platform not only showcases stunning visuals but also amplifies inspiring messages, contributing significantly to the global movement for body acceptance.

5. Barbie Linhares Ferreira (@barbieferreira)

Barbie Linhares Ferreira
Image Source: Instagram

Barbie Linhares Ferreira, known as Barbie Ferreira, is not just an actress but a strong advocate for body positivity. Her candid Instagram posts and collaborations with renowned brands like YSL reflect her dedication to promoting diverse beauty standards.

6. Tess Holliday (@tessholliday)

Tess Holliday
Image Source: Instagram

Tess Holliday, a prominent American plus-size model, blogger, and beauty standards activist, has been a driving force in challenging traditional beauty norms. Her role as the founder of @effyourbeautystandards has garnered international attention, paving the way for inclusivity and diversity in the fashion industry.

7. Kate Wasley (@katewas_)

Kate Wasley
Image Source: Instagram

Australian model Kate Wasley made history by collaborating with Lorna Jane as the first curvy plus-size model for the activewear brand. Her partnership with Georgia Gibbs in promoting body positivity through @any.body_co has earned her recognition on a global scale.

8. Brielle Anyea (@missesbrielle)

Brielle Anyea
Image Source: Instagram

Brielle Anyea is known for her stunning looks and activism. She gained recognition as a finalist in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Search. Her commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity is evident in her collaborations with brands like ASOS, Panache, and Nike and in the launch of her own inclusive swimwear line.

9. Philomena Kwao (@philomenakwao)

Philomena Kwao
Image Source: Instagram

Philomena Kwao, a celebrated British plus-size model, has made waves with her collaborations with esteemed brands and her efforts in promoting diversity in the fashion industry. Her impressive portfolio reflects her dedication to representing diverse beauty standards.

10. Candice Huffine (@candicehuffine)

Candice Huffine
Image Source: Instagram

Candice Huffine, a pioneering American plus-size model, has been a vocal advocate for body diversity and health. Her groundbreaking achievements, such as appearing on the cover of Elle magazine, highlight her commitment to challenging industry norms and promoting body acceptance.

Who is the most famous plus-size model on Instagram?

Ashley Graham is widely considered one of the most famous and influential curvy plus-size models on Instagram. She has a massive following of over 20 million on the platform and has been a prominent figure in body positivity and plus-size fashion movements. Ashley’s groundbreaking work as the first plus-size model to grace the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and her collaborations with major fashion brands and publications have solidified her status as a trailblazer in the industry.

How to find plus size Instagram models

If you are a fan of plus size models, knowing how to find them online, especially on Instagram, is one way to connect with this group of Amazon individuals. Thankfully, finding plus-size models on Instagram can be done in several ways:

1. Use hashtags

Search for hashtags like #plussizemodel, #curvymodel, #bodypositive, #plusfashion, or specific hashtags related to body positivity and plus-size fashion. Plus-size models and influencers often use these hashtags to categorize their posts.

2. Follow influential brands

Many fashion brands that promote inclusivity and diversity often feature plus-size models in their campaigns. Follow these brands on Instagram and check out the models they work with.

3. Follow body-positive accounts

Look for Instagram accounts dedicated to body positivity and self-love. These accounts often feature plus-size models, share their stories, and promote their work.

4. Explore recommended accounts

Instagram’s algorithm recommends accounts based on your activity and interests. Engage with content related to plus-size fashion and body positivity to discover new models.

5. Follow plus-size fashion magazines

Magazines and publications dedicated to plus-size fashion regularly feature plus-size models on their Instagram accounts. Follow these magazines to stay updated on the latest trends and models in the industry.

In conclusion

Our exploration of the top 10 plus-size models on Instagram has showcased a diverse and inspiring group of individuals who are reshaping the fashion industry and promoting inclusivity. Each model has made significant contributions to representing diverse beauty standards on Instagram and the larger social media world. Their influence extends beyond Instagram, shaping mainstream perceptions and encouraging brands to embrace diversity in their campaigns and collections.


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