TikTok Coins act like money on TikTok. To get them, you buy them with real money and choose how many you want. These coins were created so that fans and users of TikTok can give something small back to their favorite creators. It’s like a virtual way of saying, “Thanks for the great content.” However, many people wonder about the value of these coins. you hear questions like; how much are coins worth on TikTok.

After you have these coins, you can use them to buy presents for your favorite TikTok creators. These unique tokens have a sense of value and importance and are crucial to how TikTok works. They connect what creators want to achieve with what viewers enjoy. In this piece, we will explain the worth of TikTok coins, giving you an overall idea of the value they give to creators.

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How much are coins worth on TikTok?

The value of a TikTok coin equates to approximately 1.4 cents. However, the precise price you pay for each coin depends on the quantity purchased and the platform used for the transaction.

For instance, buying coins through the TikTok mobile app has different pricing options compared to purchasing them directly from the TikTok website. These variations can impact users’ overall cost and value of TikTok coins, influencing their decisions on how to acquire and utilize these digital assets.

How to buy TikTok coin from the web platform

When you use TikTok on a web browser on your computer to purchase coins, the prices are much lower than when you buy coins directly from the mobile app.

  • Once logged into your TikTok account through a browser, navigate to your profile picture positioned at the upper right corner;
  • Click on the “Get coins” option from the dropdown menu or utilize the coins page link provided;
  • Within the following page, you’ll find various coin packs available for purchase using actual currency;
  • Alternatively, customize the amount through the “Adjust” feature;
  • Select your preferred payment mode, such as PayPal, credit card, or Klarna.

Below is a table summarizing the coin packs available for purchase:

Number of Coins

Price per Coin Price


1.0571 ¢



1.0571 ¢



1.0571 ¢


1,400 1.0571 ¢



1.0571 ¢ $37


1.0571 ¢


17,500 1.0571 ¢


How to buy TikTok coins from the app

The usual method of purchasing coins is by using the “recharge” feature within the app:

  • Open the app and find your profile picture at the bottom right corner;
  • Next, tap on the three-bar icon located at the top right;
  • From there, choose “Settings and Privacy,” go to the “Account” section, and click on “Balance.”
  • Pick your preferred payment method as suggested by Play Store or Apple’s App Store;
  • Then, select a package or enter a specific amount;
  • Finally, use the “Charge” command to select the desired coin package.

The prices for each coin package are listed in the table below for easy reference:

Number of Coins

Price per Coin



1.4000 ¢ $0.07


1.4143 ¢



1.4257 ¢



1.4271 ¢


1,400 1.4279 ¢



1.4283 ¢ $49.99


1.4284 ¢

17,500 1.4285 ¢


What are TikTok coins used for?

TikTok coins are native to the TikTok platform, but what can they be used for? Aside from gifting to creators, there are other usefulness of these incredible features.

1. Sending gifts on TikTok live

When you’re watching a live stream on TikTok, you can use TikTok coins to send virtual gifts to the creator. These gifts, such as emojis, stickers, or unique animations, are a way to show appreciation and support for the content being shared. The more coins you send, the more prominent your gift appears in the live chat, allowing you to stand out and interact with the creator and other viewers.

2. Sending gifts in a Creator’s comment section

Apart from live streams, TikTok coins can also be used to send gifts in a creator’s comment section. When you leave a comment on a creator’s video and attach a virtual gift, it adds a personal touch to your interaction. Similar to live stream gifts, these gifts can range from emojis to more elaborate animations, enhancing your communication with the creator and fostering a sense of community engagement.

3. Buying a TikTok promotion

TikTok coins can also be utilized to purchase promotions for your content. By investing coins in promotions, you can boost the visibility of your videos and reach a broader audience. TikTok offers various promotion options, such as featured placements on the ‘For You’ page or increased exposure through targeted advertising.

Can Creators earn TikTok coins aside from gifts?

Yes, creators on TikTok can earn TikTok coins through various means, contributing to their overall earnings and recognition within the platform. Here’s how creators can earn TikTok coins:

1. Through In-App Activities

One way to earn TikTok Coins is by participating in various in-app activities. TikTok regularly organizes events, challenges, and campaigns where active users can win coins by completing tasks. Stay updated by checking the app’s pages for these opportunities, and seize the chance to earn coins through engaging activities.

2. Referral Programs

Another avenue for earning TikTok Coins is through referral programs. When you refer friends to join TikTok, and they become active users, you can receive TikTok Coins as a reward for bringing in new members. It’s a simple yet effective way to boost your coin collection while expanding the TikTok community.

3. Joining TikTok Premium

Consider subscribing to TikTok Premium, a service that offers various perks, including TikTok Coins. Subscribers receive a set number of coins each month as part of their Premium package. This provides a consistent source of coins while enjoying other benefits of TikTok Premium, making it a worthwhile investment for avid TikTok users.

What is the worth of 1 million TikTok coins received as gifts?

When a TikToker’s fans purchase them 1 million coins worth of virtual gifts during a live stream, those gifts are converted into diamonds. These diamonds can then be redeemed for $5,000.

On the other hand, if a TikToker fans buy them 1 million coins worth of virtual gifts on a standard video, the gifts are also converted into diamonds. However, in this scenario, the diamonds can be redeemed for a higher value of $10,000.

To Recap

TikTok coins serve as a virtual currency that users can purchase and use to buy gifts for their favorite creators, participate in promotions, and engage in various in-app activities. The value of TikTok coins can vary based on factors such as regional pricing, promotional offers, and conversion rates to real money. Creators can also earn TikTok coins through interactions with their audience, referral programs, and subscriptions to TikTok Premium.


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