Today, I would be discussing the importance of social media links on website as there is an increase in the number of social media users. Social media links examples include profile links to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp and others. It also encompasses links to contents on social media pages.   For Any business to grow and maintain relevance, there must be a way of engaging customers on social media platforms.

The use of social media links on a website so that customers or any visitor can follow you on social media pages is very important and cannot be ignored. This is because a greater percentage of the target audience is active on one social media channel or the other. There are also good numbers of active social media users that will find it easy to communicate with customers using this channel.

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Create your own free link in bio page

Ready to simplify your online presence?
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What are Social Media links?

Social media links on websites are clickable icons or buttons that direct visitors to the website owner’s social media profiles. These links usually appear as small icons or logos, representing popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Alternatively, contents on a website can be linked to social media platforms via hypertext. Website owners often add social media links to their websites for various benefits.

Benefits of Social Media links on website

Some of the reasons why you should add social media links to the website are:

1. Increase in followers and website traffic

When you link a social media account to a website, this will increase the number of followers on your social media account or pages. With a growing number of followers, traffic to the website will definitely increase. Promotion of product, and content will be much easier because social media is a good marketing and advertising tool for individuals and business owners alike.

Websites with social media links enable audience to engage with your social profiles as they get to read comments made by other customers and easily interacts with others to know more about your products and services. This, will obviously help prospective clients to respond to a call to action on your social media page.

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2. Stay in touch with website visitors

Social Media links on a website are good ways to communicate with your customers or visitor to the website. This causes anyone that visits the website to click on any of the social media links to follow the activities of the website on Social network channel.

Take for instance, if you have a good social media presence and anyone that visits your website decided to follow you through any of the links, there is a high tendency to engage the person with your social media content either through photos, videos or text. Such person will learn more about the company, read reviews from others and place you above your competitors.

Most customers spend more time on social media than any other platform. Your social media presence will make your brand a preferred choice. Their comments on these platforms will help you to get sincere feedback from them. This will enable you to know areas your services need improvement.

3. Improves brand’s authenticity

When a brand is authentic, it attracts more “high-value” customers to patronize the brand. The testimonies and success stories on your social media platforms by other customers will easily convince a visitor or potential customer to patronize your product.

Remember, people want to spend their hard earned money on things that have value. So, when they see those testimonies from others, they will want to spend their money on your products and services.

4. Widens in your target market

It is important to work very hard to get interesting content on your website for anyone that visits, but this is one part of the promotion of your brand. The other part is getting this content to appear in front of your target audience.

An easy way to get this content to appear in front of your customer is to share your contest or product discount with your followers. When your customers see something that attracts their attention, they may share your link directly with a family member, friend or colleague. This will increase the number of your target market.

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5. Improve website ranking

Social media links on the website increase the visibility of your website on search engines. It provides information on the relevance of your site to a user query on search engines like Google Search.

When you look at Search Engine Optimization (SEO), one of the most crucial elements of the website, in terms of organic traffic, is the addition of links to your website can increase your organic traffic. Google uses the number of times that your content is shared, liked, and posted to social media to determine search results listing.

6. Increase in exposure of brand

There is a possibility that the number of visits to your website is small compared to the target audience. When those that visit your website use social media link on your website to share your content with their social media platform, the content will get exposed to a greater number of a new audience.

When you consider the number of social media platform users today, there is no doubt that at least a few of those that visit your website may likely share the content on their social media platform. This will result in new visitors to the website, and possibly, new customers.

7. Improvement of customer experience

When your customers visit your website, one of the most important aspects is the provision of good experience. You may include options such as sharing your content with social media.

Make it simple for your customers or anyone that visit your website to share your posts. When they see that it is fast and easy to share your posts with other platforms, they will likely share it with others. This will make your brand a home name to some of your customers because they will be promoting your brand for you with an assurance of quality customer experience.

8. Recruitment purpose

Website contents are important to job seekers. Some social media show the culture of a company that makes an individual qualify to work with such a company. For instance, LinkedIn is one of the best-recruiting tools that help job seekers to decide on the type of organization to join.

You know what? Your content may help someone out there to get employed by any organization. Such a person will never forget your content. He may use it to promote your brand and direct traffic to your website, which may cause a potential customer to visit your website.

Wrap Up

The importance of social Media Links on Website are enormous. Also, with the increasing number of social media users, it then shows that the target market you need to reach is on the various social media platforms.

Specifically, adding social media links to the website increases traffic, engage customers as well as helping you to gain a wide exposure.  In case you never thought it wise to link your website to your social media, now maybe the best time to do that.


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