YouTube is a compelling platform that allows content creators to share long-form videos ranging from how-to, comedy, beauty, lifestyle, and others. And if you are on YouTube, getting links to your content on Instagram holds several benefits for you as well. Here is how to put YouTube link on Instagram in quick, easy steps.

How to get a YouTube video or channel link

Before you consider posting your YouTube link on Instagram, you must first copy the link from the YouTube app or the web version. And depending on which link you want to copy, there are several ways you can do this:

Copying your YouTube channel link on the app

  • Open the YouTube app on your phone;
  • Tap your profile icon in the upper-right corner of the page;
  • Tap on Your channel;
  • Click on the “” icon in the top-right corner;
  • Select Share from the options;
  • Click on the Copy link option.

Copying video link on YouTube app

  • Open your YouTube app;
  • Search for the video you wish to share;
  • Click on the Share icon below the video;
  • Click on the Copy link option.

5 Ways to add YouTube links on Instagram

When it comes to adding YouTube links to Instagram, there are several approaches you can try out. This gives you a few dynamics where you can put your YouTube link. However, where you place your YouTube link on Instagram matters a lot, as each spot provides different opportunities:

1. Add YouTube link to Instagram bio

The Instagram bio is one of the most prominent places to add your YouTube link. It provides maximum visibility as it’s displayed along with your profile information. This means it has an increased chance of visibility. And since any link added here is clickable, you can easily send your Instagram audience to YouTube.

You can add a YouTube link to the Instagram bio via the IG mobile app or through the web version of the platform. We’ll show you how to do so on both options:

Putting YouTube link on Instagram bio via the Instagram app

Here is how to add your YouTube channel or video link to the bio section on Instagram using the Instagram app for both iOS and Android:

  • Open your IG page on the Instagram app;
  • Click on the profile image icon at the bottom right corner of the page;
  • Then, click on the Edit profile option;
  • Scroll to the website field and click on it. Then Paste your copied YouTube link into the field;
  • Click on “Done” in the upper-right corner to have your link added to your bio section.

Putting YouTube link on Instagram bio via the web version

Here is how to add your YouTube channel or video link to the bio section on Instagram using the Instagram web version:

  • Open your Instagram profile on any browser on your PC;
  • Click the profile photo displayed in the upper-right corner;
  • You then have to click on the Profile tab;
  • Select Edit Profile from the profile page;
  • Locate the Website field and paste your already copied YouTube link;
  • Click on Submit to save your edit.

2. Add YouTube links to Instagram via IG post

Asides from your Instagram bio, you can also add YouTube links to your Instagram posts. On an IG post, you can add your links in the caption of your posts or on the first comment. Remember that the audience can’t copy the text under a post in the Instagram app.

Also, placing your YouTube link on an IG post means it’s not active and hence non-clickable. A workaround for this is to make your link as short as possible and easy to memorize for your audience. This way, they can input the link in their browser to head to your YouTube page.

3. Add YouTube link to Instagram Direct messages

Using this option provides you with a more personalized approach. Instagram direct messages are private, so you can customize your message with your YouTube link to target each audience.

However, if you choose to use this method, take care to avoid being spam. It’s best to start by providing useful information or helping the audience build trust and authority.

Follow the steps below to help you add a clickable link to a direct message on Instagram:

  • Open your Instagram app;
  • Click on the paper airplane icon at the top right corner of the page;
  • Search for the profile you want to send a direct message to;
  • After seeing the profile, click on it;
  • Input the body of your message;
  • Paste your already copied YouTube link into the message;
  • Click send.

Your YouTube link will be sent to the account, and the receiver can click on them from their DM.

4. Add YouTube link to Instagram ads

Another way to include your YouTube link on Instagram is via the Instagram ads route. Using this method means you will have to pay for the ad. This means this method is not always suitable for everyone. Still, if you are willing, it is just a different way to include a link on your Instagram account.

Links added to Instagram ad posts are active and clickable, which is another advantage of using it. Also, Instagram’s algorithm can get your ads in front of a relevant audience, helping you target more potential and promising leads. However, when using this method, ensure the YouTube link you add to your ads is relevant, else you risk the chance of wasting your effort and resources.

5. Add YouTube links to Instagram Story

The Instagram Story feature is another way to put YouTube links on Instagram. By default, Instagram stories have a life span of 24 hours, after which it is removed. This means you have limited time to get a reaction from viewers.

However, you can save stories containing your link in the highlight section on your profile. These will stay pinned between your bio and content grid.

For accounts with over 10,000 followers, you can share YouTube videos to Instagram Stories as a video link using the Swipe-up feature.

  • Launch your Instagram app from your device.
  • Tap the “+” symbol, then click on the “Story” option.
  • Select the chain icon at the top of your screen.
  • Tap the URL, paste the link to your YouTube link, and click on “Done.”
  • Set your publicity to reflect either Your Story or Close Friends before publishing.

Suppose your account doesn’t have up to 10,000 followers. In that case, you can share YouTube links on Instagram by using the Instagram Story sticker link button instead.

  • Paste your YouTube link into the URL box.
  • Customize your sticker text to your taste.
  • When done, share it with Your Story or Close Friends.

You can use the polls sticker on IG Stories for a more targeted approach. This allows you to send your link to an audience that responds positively to your poll. Here is how to use this method:

  • Create an Instagram story;
  • Click on the Sticker options;
  • Select Poll from the options of stickers;
  • Add a question. Be creative with and keep it short;
  • Provide “yes or no” as the poll answers;
  • Check the response on the survey later on;
  • If you have a positive response, click on the paper airplane icon in front of the profiles that answered yes and send them your YouTube link.

Benefits of adding YouTube link to Instagram

Adding your YouTube links to Instagram holds a lot of benefits for your presence on both platforms, and here is why you should consider doing it:

1. Increase your subscribers and followers

This is one of the easiest ways to grow your following on both platforms organically. You can keep your audience engaged and informed by sharing YouTube links on Instagram. This way, your audience on one platform can follow your online presence to the other seamlessly.

2. Extends the life of your content

Building content from scratch for both platforms can be tedious and time-consuming, not to mention spending more. However, you bypass this barrier by adding your YouTube links to Instagram. By cross-promoting across both platforms, you maximize the potential of each piece of content you create. This way, each piece of content is available to two sets of the audience, one from each platform.

3. Keeps your social media platforms coordinated and up to date

An essential benefit of adding YouTube links to Instagram is the coordination it gives your social media accounts. Not only will your accounts be up to date, but you will also have similar content present on both. This way, brand recognition is accessible as the audience can readily recall and identify your content.

4. Ensures your audience sees your latest content

There is no easier way to ensure that newer content is served up to your Instagram audience than for you to include YouTube links on IG. This ensures your followers don’t miss out on all the fun, unique, insightful content you churn out on YouTube. Therefore, use it as a means of keeping everyone updated.


Learning to put YouTube links on Instagram can be the tactic you need to improve your performance on both platforms. It provides you with a way of connecting both, and you also enjoy loads of benefits. Thankfully, there are a couple of ways you can add YouTube links to Instagram. However, not all work the same way; it’s best to experiment with placement and see which works better for you.