Link on Instagram bio is one of the features that Instagram offers users to enable them to direct their followers or visitors to another platform. But have you ever found yourself in a frustrating situation where your carefully crafted link just refuses to work on Instagram? or have you been asking; why is my link not working on Instagram?

Whether you’re a seasoned Insta-pro or just getting started, link issues can be a real head-scratcher. In this article, you will learn the possible causes of links not working on Instagram and how to fix such problems.

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Do web links work on Instagram?

Yes, web links do work on Instagram, but understanding how to leverage them effectively is crucial due to certain platform limitations and considerations. Instagram provides users with several ways to incorporate web links into their content, each with its own set of rules and possibilities.

Why your link isn’t working on Instagram

there are a couple of reasons links don’t work on Instagram with the major reason being your link goes against Instagram policy. Other reasons include error when entering link details, or link added in the post or comment section. 

Below is a detailed analysis of why your links aren’t working on Instagram:

1. Link violates Instagram policy

Instagram has rules about the types of links you can share. If your link goes against their policy, it won’t work. Check Instagram’s guidelines to ensure your link is in the clear.

2. URL format and structure

The way you write your link matters. Use the correct format, like starting with “http://” or “https://”, and avoid special characters. Instagram prefers clean and simple URLs for smoother link functioning.

3. Unreachable link destination

Your link may be valid, but if the website it leads to is down or not working, your Instagram link won’t either. Double-check that your link’s destination is up and running.

4. Link placement matters

Instagram has specific places for links – mainly in your bio or stories. If you’re trying to drop a link in the comments, it won’t work. Make sure your link is in an Instagram-approved spot.

5. Connectivity issues

Sometimes, it’s not the link; it’s the connection. If your internet is shaky or you’re in a dead zone, links may not load. Ensure you have a stable connection for smooth Instagram browsing.

6. App glitches

Instagram app acting up? App issues can affect link functionality. Keep your app updated, restart it, or reinstall if needed. App glitches could be the sneaky culprits behind your link troubles.

How to fix links not working on Instagram?

Links not working on Instagram can easily be resolved by following any of the solutions below:

1. Check the Link Format

Ensure your link follows the right format – starting with “http://” or “https://”. Fix any missing or extra characters. A correctly formatted link sets the foundation for smooth functionality on Instagram.

2. Shorten URLs and Remove Tracking Parameters

Long links can be problematic. Shorten your URL using a reliable link shortening service. Also, eliminate unnecessary tracking parameters. Instagram prefers concise, clean links for optimal performance.

3. Verify the Link’s Destination

Your link might be in perfect shape, but if the website it leads to is down or not working, it won’t matter. Double-check and confirm that the destination website is up and running smoothly. Use tools link DownDetector to verify if the site is working or not.

4. Test the Link on Different Devices

Sometimes, link issues are device-specific. Test your link on various devices; smartphones, tablets, and computers. This helps ensure your Instagram link works seamlessly across different platforms, resolving compatibility concerns.

Can I add links to my Instagram posts?

Instagram generally doesn’t allow clickable links within the captions of regular posts. However, clickable links can be incorporated into Instagram posts exclusively when they are part of paid advertising.

Does Instagram allow shortened links?

Yes, Instagram allows the use of shortened links. You can use URL shortening services to create concise and user-friendly links. Shortened links are particularly useful when you have character limitations, such as in the bio section or when sharing links in captions.

However, it’s important to use reputable URL shortening services to ensure the links are reliable and comply with Instagram’s policies. Always be cautious and avoid using links that could be perceived as spam or violate Instagram’s community guidelines.


Understanding the common reasons for link issues on Instagram is key to resolving them effectively. To keep your Instagram game strong, proactive link management is crucial. Regularly check and update your links, ensuring they comply with Instagram’s guidelines.


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