Today, we will be focusing on how to add a clickable link on Instagram post. It’s no more a secret that adding links to your Instagram bio/profile, or stories is a cool way to flood your website or content with lots of visitors and potential customers. Well, as you may already know, for links to your Instagram stories, you just need a few qualifying criteria to do that.

But besides your stories and bio, one concern to many Instagram users is how to add a clickable link on Instagram post. To most users, they are overwhelmed with the impossibility of doing this. Don’t be surprised to have an Instagram user walk up to you with the question “is it even possible to add a clickable link on Instagram post?” or “Do web links actually works on Instagram?”.

Funny, right? Well, as funny as it may sound, this may be a thorn is another flesh. Nevertheless, as luck would have it, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. And for everyone who has been bothered about how to add a clickable link on Instagram post, here is a walk-through for you to add a clickable link on Instagram post.

Although this may not be an official step-wise guide to add links to Instagram post using the Instagram app, it is a pretty cheat (legit cheat though) which you can use to your advantage for your business and events to have edge over competitors in your niche.

How To Add A Clickable Link On Instagram Post

Here is an amazing Instagram trick to help you pull more clicks and views to your site or business or any other thing you would want the world to know. Although it may not really come a the savior for the clickable links issues a lot of Instagram users have, but it is one of the best workaround you can lay your hands on if truly you wish to step up your marketing strategy and traffic to your website.

It is easier to add a non-clickable link in your post by just entering the url but not all followers will be aware or pay attention to this. Hence, the reason you should consider adding a clickable link to your post for easy interaction.

Here’s How It Goes and What You Need To Do

First thing, don’t forget that usernames and hashtags in a post are clickable. So, we’ll be working around username in this trick. To add a clickable links on Instagram post, follow the steps as explained below;

  1. Create another Instagram account with a new name and email (This account serves as your splash page for all that you want your viewers and visitors to know)
  2. Create a page on the new account to promote what you want to promote
  3. Your original Instagram account with a post which contains the username of the new account (which serves as the home page for what you are promoting)

With this, the username of the new account then becomes a clickable link which will refer your followers and viewers to the page you have something which might interest them. Don’t forget that usernames are clickable.

Sure, you’ll be astonished at how this works to help you redirect your visitors to a page you want them to see what you are promoting. It is as simple as that, and you don’t have to bother yourself or racking your brains to fix a link in a post (something that is impossible for now).


There is always more than one way to go about something. And for your questions and worries on how to add a clickable link on Instagram post, here you go with the simple trick that can help you do what other see to IMPOSSIBLE.